A quiet place on the banks of the Katun River, isolated in a natural way by mountains and the river. The nearest tourist camp is 1 km away. An ideal place for movement in privacy and in contact with nature.
The territory of the camp is located on two levels. One part is on the bank of the river and another part is on the mountain with a view of the river and mountains.

We will have a spacious dome and several smaller locations for our activities.

On the territory of the camp there are showers, toilets, wash basins, two steam baths, a tea location.

Accommodation is in houses and tents.

Food is vegetarian.

Houses and ails
Houses (3-4 people in a house, WC in a house) – 1200 rub/day per person = 10,800 rub for the festival (the number of places is limited)

Houses and ails
(5-9 people in a house, WC on the territory of the camp) - 800 rub/day per person = 7,200 rub for the festival


Beds, mattresses, blankets, pillows, linens, a small towel, a power outlet (1-2 per room), electric lighting. Toilets and showers are on the territory pf the camp.

There are temporary power cuts in the mountains, so we recommend taking a flashlight with you!

Your own tent
Cost per person: 300 RUB/day, 2,700 RUB for the festival.

It will be possible to install tents only in a certain location which the camp will provide for camping.

Toilets, washbasins, showers are at the territory of the camp. Having chosen this category of housing do not forget to take care of your comfort (take a sleeping bag, a tourist mat, a flashlight).

The number of seats in this category is limited and they may be not available with late registration.

Steam bath
There are two steam baths on the territory of camp. They will be available to festival participants every evening from 22:00 to 01:00.

Mobile connection, Internet
Using mobile phones is possible on the camp, but the connection is not stable. Megafon and Beeline mobile operators work better on the territory of the camp, MTS does not work everywhere, Tele 2 works in some places. Internet connection is not stable as well. There is 3g connection, but anyway it's better not to rely on it (these are mountains, the stability of communication depends even on the weather ...)

Things to take (you may need them at the festival)
Clothing for dance classes:
- 2 sets of light clothes (trousers or shorts + T-shirt)
- 2 sets of warm clothes (socks, trousers, a sweatshirt or a long sleeve shirt)
- kneepads (for your comfort)
- gumshoes/sneakers + clothing that you do not mind spoiling (that might be used in outdoor classes on stony land)

- sandals or flip flops
- rubber boots
- running shoes or sneakers if you plan walking in the mountains

- wool socks, light socks
- jacket (warm and windproof)
- sweater (wool)
- cloth cap/ headscarf, warm hat
- T-shirt, shorts
- pants, shirt
- underwear, bathing suit

Other things
- personal hygiene (tissues, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo)
- bath towel
- clothespins (there will be wash basins, powder and ropes)
- raincoat
- sunglasses
- suncream
- insect repellent
- your own first aid kit (bactericidal adhesive plaster, elastic bandage, individual medicines)
- electric jacklight (highly recommended!!!)
- wrist watch (mobiles are inconvenient for this, they receive signal poorly, are often lost ... and usually by the middle of the festival they are no longer taken out of the houses. And being late for classes is undesirable)
- group socket (there are only 1-2 sockets in shared rooms, usually it's not enough)
- tourist seat
- teacup (it will be possible to have tea between meals)
- a plate and a spoon (optional)
- your favourite tea, coffee, spices
- chargers (cell phone, laptop…)
- сamera
- travel rug
- a light fleece blanket (optional, might be good for massage/yoga classes)
- sleeping bag (you will have a blanket in your house, but it is better to take an extra sleeping bag)
- thermos (optional)
Please, pay attention! If you plan to cook yourself, take with you all the necessary products, utensils. The nearest store is 6-7 km away.

- passport
- medical insurance policy
- money (for excursions on a day-off, souvenirs, honey, herbal teas, etc. ), CASH only! The nearest ATMs are 5 km away.