Rules of Registration
Please read the registration rules carefully before filling in the registration form and making a prepayment!

What do costs consist of?
The total cost of participation in the festival consists of:

/ program fee (it depends on the terms of prepayment)
/ the cost of the selected category of accommodation
/ the cost of the selected meal-plan
/ travel expenses
This gives you the opportunity to choose the option of participation that best suits your needs and capabilities.

Program fee
In 2020, the program fee is 18,000 RUB

This fee is for the entire festival period per person.
Accommodation, meal-plans and travel expenses are additional costs.

Early bird rates and prepayment

Prepayment amount is 12,000 RUB
If you refuse to participate, the prepayment is not refundable.

until February 15 - the fee of the program is 12,000 RUB
until March 15 - the fee of the program is 14,000 RUB
until April 15 - the fee of the program is 16,000 RUB
Please pay attention!

The number of participants at the festival is limited this year.
Registration will be closed when the required number of participants is reached.

Price is per person

Houses and ails (5-9 people in a house) - 800 rub/day = 7,200 rub for the festival
Houses (3-4 people in a house) – 1200 rub/day = 10,800 rub for the festival (the number of places is limited)
Your own tent – 300 rub/day = 2,700 rub for the festival (the number of places is limited)

Thete is vegetarian food at the festival.

Festival Bus
A bus transfer from Novosibirsk to the festival venue and back will be organized if at least 40 people will need it.

The bus fare for Novosibirsk - Altai - Novosibirsk is 5,000 RUB
One way (Novosibirsk - Altai or Altai - Novosibirsk) is 2,800 RUB

If you are interested in an organized transfer, tick the related point in the registration form. On June 1, we will inform you whether the transfer will be organized, and if it won't be, we will tell you in detail how to get to the festival venue.

Prices may slightly change due to circumstances beyond the control of the organizers, the exact price will be clarified and agreed with you about a month before the festival.

How to pay
Cash or bank transfer is possible (details will be sent to you after filling out the registration form).

Cash payment is possible only in Novosibirsk or in a personal meeting with the organizers.

ATTENTION! Registration is considered completed after filling out the registration form and making prepayment.

Registration rules
Mandatory registration
Registration is MANDATORY for EVERYBODY who goes to the festival
(children, guests, participants, teachers, and ....)

- if you have a child under 10 traveling with you
- if you are traveling as a guest or accompanying person
- if you want to participate partly
- if you want to be a helper
- if you want to take a pet

Be sure to include this in the registration form!

How to complete the registration?
Registration is considered complete after filling out the registration form and making a prepayment (registration fee - 12,000 RUB)

The fact of registration is a mutual agreement between the organizers and the participant, where both parties equally assume responsibility for their obligations.

Non-refundable fee
The registration fee is non-refundable and is used for the preparation of the festival, ensuring that the festival will take place with any number of participants.

Payment period
Full payment for the festival is paid 3 weeks before the festival, i.e. until June 10, 2020.

If the payment is not made before this deadline, and other options have not been agreed with the organizers, then your place on the festival will be offered to other people.

Prepayment is not refundable in this case.

Refund policy
If the festival does not take place for reasons beyond the control of the organizers (due to the fault of third parties), the festival team will return the prepayment in full.

If you can not come
If you have made a prepayment, but can not come to the festival, you can find a person without using our resources (festival groups in social networks, etc.) who will take your place provided that he has not registered for the festival earlier.

The participant registering at your place keeps all the conditions of your registration, including the discount for early registration, accommodation and meals. It is impossible to change any of the conditions.

If there are no places for the festival, and we know who would gladly go instead of you - then we will be able to return 50% of the prepayment, only if a new participant found by us will register for your place.

Registration of foreign citizens
According to the laws of the Russian Federation, foreign citizens require registration at the place of stay. If you need help with registration, be sure to inform the organizers in advance. In this case, you will need to arrive in Novosibirsk before 10 a.m. June 30 (it may take several hours to register).

You can also register yourself by booking a place in a hotel providing this service.

Personal safety
Given the features of the place (mountains, river, mixed terrain) and the type of activity (contact dance), we recommend that you insure against possible injuries and other things. We leave this question under the personal responsibility of everyone.

We strongly recommend having:

/ Compulsory health insurance
/ Tick-borne encephalitis insurance
/ Voluntary accident insurance (for the festival dates)

Denial of participation
The festival organizers have the right to refuse anybody to participate in the festival.

Frequently asked questions
Guest participation
Any person over 10 years old can come as a guest and accompany a participant of the main program, stay at the camp during the festival, but not participate in the main and additional programs of the festival, not attend classes and laboratories.

The cost of guest participation is 4,000 rub. The cost of such participation includes the use of the festival space: steam bath, tea space, evening fires. The use of dancehalls for independent workouts and pastime with this form of participation is not provided.

* for adults traveling to take care of the child, it is possible not to pay the guest fee, but in this case it's impossible to use the common spaces, including the bath and tea space.

Partial participation
Partial participation implies participation only in jams, as well as all the options included in the guest participation: use of the festival space (steam bath, tea space, evening fires, all people gatherings). This type of participation does not imply attendance at the festival classes and laboratories. The cost of partial participation is 6,000 RUB.

Selective participation
(or part-time participation)
Our festival does not provide this type of participation and we do not have special conditions for this occasion. Everyone independently decides whether to attend all classes or refuse something in favor of relaxation and communication with nature, as well as stay for the entire period of the festival or come only for a few days - these factors do not affect the cost of participation.

How to become a helper?
The team of helpers is formed from the participants of the festival. Priority is given to those who have already been with us at the festival and with whom we have made a good team. The organizers reserve the right to form a team at their own discretion.

To apply for the team, while filling in the registration form, write about your desire to be a helper in the field "notes". Until April 1, we collect applications and approve the team of helpers. If you are not taken into the team, we can keep you in the waiting list as there might appear additional places in the team during the festival preparation.

Helpers have a discount on participation in the festival program. Helping functions are agreed before the festival, but may be changed during the festival.

Сooking on your own
If you plan to cook on your own, take all the necessary foods, utensils, and cooking appliances with you. The nearest shop is 5 km from the camp, and the range of foods in it is quite limited including the choice of fruits and vegetables. Using the camp dining room and its equipment for self-cooking is impossible.

Living outside the camp
Can anyone live outside the camp and participate in the festival? No, there is no such option. The camp provides us with their facilities for the festival only if the participants live on the camp territory.

Children participation
We are not able to organize a special safe children's space, due to the infrastructure of the camp. Therefore, if you plan to come with a child under 10 years old, you need to consider the following features of the festival.

Since the festival is focused on adult participants, we regulate the presence of children on classes and jams. If parents look after children, ensure their safety and it doesn't interfere with the process, then there is no problem, but if children move freely in the dancehall, then they may not be safe (not all adult participants are attentive enough while moving, so we do not want to increase the risks of the festival.) In addition, many processes at the classes and events of the festival require participants' attention and concentration, so the presence of children in this case is unacceptable (this issue is regulated by teachers and organizers).

The presence of children in the festival spaces (such as the tea zone, handmade zone and others) is possible only under the supervision of one of the parents of the child.

Parent's participation in the festival program is possible if a child is supervised by another adult who takes responsibility for him for this period of time.

Due to the peculiarity of the festival venue, it is necessary to consider:

// how far it is from settlements (i.e. pharmacies, first-aid posts, food shops)
// it can be quite cold at night and rainy in the daytime
// there is a river nearby and mountain like relief

If you are not afraid of all that, inform the organizers that you plan to come with a child. We believe that there are no universal rules in this point as all adults and all children are different, and we know many parents who even hitchhike with babies around the world, and there are those who find it difficult to solve questions of survival and safety even at home.

In this matter it all depends on what pet you plan to take with you. Please consider that it may be difficult to ensure a comfortable living for a pet in a camp, as well as its comfortable coexistence with the participants of the festival and the employees of the camp.

Therefore, we strongly recommend not bringing pets to the festival.

In case you really can't leave the pet to anyone, and you are going to take it with you, it is mandatory to inform the organizers about it.

We will make agreements with all owners individually.

In case you don't inform the organizers and come with the pet, or the accepted agreements are violated, then this may be the reason to reject you to participate in the festival and live in the camp, in this case your payments are not refunded.

When to arrive and leave
The camp "DAO Center" is 5 km. from the village of Chemal (Mountain Altai). From Chemal to the camp you can get a taxi, ride or walk.

* if you go by car, then go past Chemal and continue along the road that goes to Kuyus along the Katun river (look for the "DAO center" sign on the right).

Our official arrival at the camp is July 1, 19:00. And departure on July 9 at 21:00. Therefore, if you travel on your own, then plan your arrival at the camp taking into account these dates. Early arrivals and late departures are not possible!

There are several options to get to the venue of the festival.

How to get to the camp
from Gorno-Altaisk (99 km to the village of Chemal)

Take a taxi, hitch a ride, use bla-bla-car service or take a regular bus to Chemal. The camp is 5 km from Chemal towards Elanda village.

From Gorno-Altaisk International Airport, the bus station can be reached in about 17 minutes by car.

Buses number 102, 111, 132 run from the airport to the city three times a day. You can see the detailed schedule on the official website of Gorno-Altaisk Airport

The site of the bus station in Gorno-Altaisk:

You can rent a car, or find travel companions on

from Biysk (183 km to Chemal village)

There is a shuttle bus to Chemal (travel time about 3-4 hours). The camp is 5 km from Chemal towards Elanda village.

The site of the bus station in Biysk:

from Barnaul (341 km to Chemal)

There is a shuttle bus to Chemal (travel time about 6 hours). The camp is 5 km from Chemal towards Elanda village.

The site of the Barnaul bus station:

from Novosibirsk (533 km to the village of Chemal)

This option is the most remote, but it has a number of advantages.

There is a shuttle bus to Chemal (travel time about 10 hours). The camp is 5 km from Chemal towards Elanda village.

The site of the bus station in Novosibirsk:

How to get from Tolmachevo Airport (Novosibirsk) to the Bus Station

(Krasny prospect, 4)

Travel time is about an hour, but if there are big traffic jams, then it can be longer.

// Schedule of the 111E express bus
// Yandex Taxi and CityMobil services are good to be used in our city.
// The easiest way to get to the bus station from the railway station is by ground transport, if there is time (in the case of traffic jams it's for about an hour). Buses: 519, 519a, 21, 8, 54.
// Also, you can get from the railway station to the bus station during rush hours using the metro: take a metro from the station Garina-Mikhailovskogo to Sibirskaya station, then change to Krasniy Prospect station. From Krasniy Prospect station go to Rechnoy Vokzal station. You can walk from Rechnoy Vokzal Station to the bus station about 1km or take buses №28, 9, 41, 21, 36, 13, 8, 54, 189, 519, 519a, or shuttle buses №32, 4, 301, 307, 307b, 307m, 304.


According to friends, the service works well and often costs twice cheaper than a bus. We recommend this service if you are traveling as a company, or at least 2 people.

Information is here: https:

Early arrival and staying longer
The camp "DAO Center" is designed for mass arrivals, and there is a cleaning of the territory and preparation for the meeting of new guests between them. Our official arrival at the camp is on July 1, 19:00 and departure on July 9 at 21:00. Therefore, if you are traveling on your own, plan your arrival at the camp with these deadlines.

If you plan to arrive earlier or stay a few days after the festival, contact the organizers and we will try to help you find a place to stay outside the camp.

If you arrive at the camp a few hours earlier, you may visit a cafe "Blin Smetanych" that is 100 meters from the camp along the highway towards the village of Elanda.

Mobile connection, Internet
Using mobile phones is possible on the camp, but the connection is not stable. Megafon and Beeline mobile operators work better on the territory of the camp, MTS does not work everywhere, Tele 2 works in some places. Internet connection is not stable as well. There is 3g connection, but anyway it's better not to rely on it (these are mountains, the stability of communication depends even on the weather ...)

Things to take (you may need them at the festival)
Clothing for dance classes:
- 2 sets of light clothes (trousers or shorts + T-shirt)
- 2 sets of warm clothes (socks, trousers, a sweatshirt or a long sleeve shirt)
- kneepads (for your comfort)
- gumshoes/sneakers + clothing that you do not mind spoiling (that might be used in outdoor classes on stony land)

- sandals or flip flops
- rubber boots
- running shoes or sneakers if you plan walking in the mountains

- wool socks, light socks
- jacket (warm and windproof)
- sweater (wool)
- cloth cap/ headscarf, warm hat
- T-shirt, shorts
- pants, shirt
- underwear, bathing suit

Other things:
- personal hygiene (tissues, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo)
- bath towel
- clothespins (there will be wash basins, powder and ropes)
- raincoat
- sunglasses
- suncream
- insect repellent
- your own first aid kit (bactericidal adhesive plaster, elastic bandage, individual medicines)
- electric jacklight (highly recommended!!!)
- wrist watch (mobiles are inconvenient for this, they receive signal poorly, are often lost ... and usually by the middle of the festival they are no longer taken out of the houses. And being late for classes is undesirable)
- group socket (there are only 1-2 sockets in shared rooms, usually it's not enough)
- tourist seat
- teacup (it will be possible to have tea between meals)
- a plate and a spoon (optional)
- your favourite tea, coffee, spices
- chargers (cell phone, laptop…)
- сamera
- travel rug
- a light fleece blanket (optional, might be good for massage/yoga classes)
- sleeping bag (you will have a blanket in your house, but it is better to take an extra sleeping bag)
- thermos (optional)
Please, pay attention! If you plan to cook yourself, take with you all the necessary products, utensils. The nearest store is 6-7 km away.

- passport
- medical insurance policy
- money (for excursions on a day-off, souvenirs, honey, herbal teas, etc. ), CASH only! The nearest ATMs are 5 km away.